We keep your business moving and protected.

Our mission

We stand alongside your company with advanced technology tarpaulin systems that are custom-designed for your needs and developed to maximize vehicle efficiency, safety and connectivity.

Our values

Quality is our top concern.

From the design phase, through production and installation and for the entire product life cycle we give priority to quality and continually improving processes in compliance with national and international standards.

From idea to product, it all results from the synergy of company functions.

Headquarters of the Group's central functions and the Group's main production facility, our Italian facility is the point of reference and driving force for the design, production and marketing of our tarpaulin systems internationally.

Lasting success since 1995.

From an Italian artisan company to a brand synonymous with "tarpaulins for industrial vehicles" throughout the world: since 1995 Cramaro exported Made in Italy quality and ingenuity, becoming an international reference point for the trucking sector.