General Terms and Conditions of Supply of Cramaro Tarpaulin Systems S.r.l.

This document, issued by CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl and intended for its Suppliers, is an integral part of the purchase order (PO) and is referred to in the same.

It aims to define some general aspects (sometimes not covered by the various contractual documents) necessary to achieve a correct supply of goods.

The Supplier, the recipient of this document, is required to take note of the following and, if necessary, is required to request CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl to provide additional information and/or useful documents.

With regard to commercial, technical and logistics aspects, CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl undertakes to provide what is necessary and/or to answer any questions in this regard.

All offers, order confirmations, deliveries and invoices of the Supplier shall be deemed to have been made in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Supplier.

Whereas CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl issues and transmits by fax or email to the Supplier a regular Purchase Order indicating:

  • Part number
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Delivery date
  • Transport
  • Payment method
  • Technical notes
  • Any attachments (e.g. technical documentation)
  • In the case of subcontracted supplies, CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl issues a regular delivery note to the Supplier indicating the part number and the quantity delivered

Given the above,
1. The Supplier is required to verify the PO in all its parts (as indicated above) and to send the relevant Order Confirmation to CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl. By not receiving a reply within 2 working days of sending, the conditions contained therein shall be considered accepted.

2. The Supplier is required to pay particular attention to the correspondence between the item present in the PO and that indicated in the construction drawing in its possession. If there is no correspondence, the Supplier is not authorised to supply the component but must ask the author (purchasing office) for clarifications.

3. The Supplier is fully responsible for the subcontracted material received and therefore is liable in the event of theft and/or damage. The Supplier shall identify, verify, protect and safeguard customer property made available for use or incorporation into products and services. When the customer's property is lost, damaged or otherwise found unfit for use, the Supplier must report it to the customer.

4. Documents certifying the compliance/origin of the product/service may also be requested after delivery. If necessary, the Supplier may be required to archive the same for a period to be agreed.

5. Transportation to CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl shall be agreed in advance with the Supplier.

6. The Supplier is required to deliver the material to CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl with a regular delivery note indicating the item code ordered, quantity, order number and in the case of subcontracted work, the delivery note number of CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl.

7. Deliveries are not authorised in advance, unless agreed with the CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl Purchasing Department. If not agreed in advance, they will be considered and treated as non-compliant.

8. Each package (box, pallet, etc.) of the delivered material must be correctly identified with at least the following information:

  • item code
  • quantity

The material must be sorted by type.

9. The packaging of the material must comply with what is specified in the order. If not specified, the packaging must ensure the integrity of the components during handling and transport. The material must be able to be handled by regular equipment (forklifts, pallet trucks, etc.), while the boxes must have a weight sufficient to allow manual handling.

10. The delivered material must in any case be free from dirt of any kind, surface oxidation or dents.

11. Material deemed Non-Compliant with respect to the specifications will be handled by an Anomalies Report to the Supplier, in which the methods of materials processing of the goods supplied are communicated, namely:

  • returned for credit note with or without restoration of the material
  • returned rejected with supply charged
  • repaired on-site with costs charged
  • accepted exceptionally / with permission / with reservation

12. In the case of return of the goods supplied, the Supplier must arrange for the collection of the material within 2 working days of notification of the Non-Compliance. Beyond this period, CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl will ship the material, charging the transport costs to the Supplier.

13. If requested, the Supplier is required to respond within the times indicated in the Non-Compliance report with the appropriate Corrective Actions.

14. The Supplier guarantees that its processes are kept under control in order to ensure acceptable quality over time.

15. The Supplier guarantees that the supply of the Goods does not infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties. CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl is the exclusive owner of any commercial, technical and financial information relating to the Goods.

16. The Supplier undertakes to keep confidential and not to disclose in any way the aforementioned information as well as the documents containing it, unless they have become public knowledge for reasons not attributable to the Supplier or there is prior written consent of CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl for this purpose.

17. The Supplier shall refrain from using the distinctive signs of CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl, as well as from referring to existing commercial relationships, even if only for promotional purposes, without the prior written authorisation of CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl.

The Supplier undertakes to comply with the confidentiality agreement with CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS Srl if signed at the time of the initial supply of goods.

18. In the event that one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions is deemed invalid or inapplicable, this will not affect the validity and/or applicability of the remaining provisions of these General Terms and Conditions. Any provision deemed invalid or inapplicable may be replaced with new valid and applicable agreements, having content, as far as possible, equivalent to that of the provisions deemed invalid or inapplicable.

The Supplier, to which this document is addressed, acknowledges the above terms and conditions and accepts them.