The mechanism that moves the system

From idea to product, it all results from the synergy of company functions.

From concept development to production, from commercial consultancy to support, from IT infrastructure to marketing, our Italian headquarters hosts central company operations and Cramaro Group’s main production facility. Each product is the result of proven processes and perfect collaboration between different functions and professional figures. Our most important objective is to offer you all the quality and ingenuity of Made in Italy.

Commercial area: from consultancy to after-sales support.

At Cramaro, we don’t make one-size-fits-all tarpaulin systems. Each product is the result of carefully listening to the needs of the customer combined with detailed design and customization.
Our sales network, with its deep knowledge of the product and the sector and our widespread presence in the area, is there to assist you in choosing the best solution for your specific needs and to provide advice and customized technical explanations during selection and purchase of the product.
Even after the sale we are standing by to assist you with installation, resolving technical issues and with maintenance or repair questions.

Design area: efficient technology meets design.

Our engineers study the feasibility of each request and utilising acquired know-how, design the most suitable customized solution for your needs and for the specific vehicle specifications on which the tarpaulin will be installed. The goal is to guarantee a functional and perfectly integrated product, with technological efficiency enhanced by the aerodynamics of the lines and the quality of the design.

Quality area: meeting the highest international standards.

From the design phase, through production and installation and for the entire product life cycle we give priority to quality. Since 2013 we have had a rigorous quality management system with certification of business processes according to ISO 9001 standard and since 2018 according to the new ISO 9001:2015.
From the careful selection of materials to verification of performance and safety, quality is essential. Testing complies with national, European and International technical standards to evaluate the mechanical performance of the components as well as construction safety, resistance to stress and durability of the finished products.

Production area: the idea becomes a unique piece.

Our know-how, knowledge of materials and processing techniques, our expert craftsman and the technology of our machinery are behind every single product and ensure high quality and maximum precision in design and production. The result is a unique piece, custom-designed for your specific needs.

Logistics and supply area: excellence starts with planning.

From the supply of materials to order management, we plan the inflows and outflows and processing cycles in detail to optimize production and reduce management, delivery and after-sales support times. To do this, we use state-of-the-art equipment and systems for electronic order tracking and registration of product serial numbers. Service excellence depends foremost on correct planning and production efficiency.

Research and development area: the strength of know-how, the courage to innovate.

At Cramaro, nothing is impossible. Every request is a challenge to improve, every departure from the norm is the start of a new idea.
Our internal research and development team continuously studies new engineering solutions and new products for increasing the efficiency and safety of existing systems and to respond to new market needs. Development of the concept, 2D and 3D design, prototyping, each phase is conducted in close collaboration with the customer for a custom-designed solution for their specific needs.

IT area: the architecture supporting each process.

Administration, production and marketing, all operations depend on management information systems constantly optimized by our IT team, to ensure maximum efficiency of processes and projects. The goal? To offer you fast and punctual service and support with technological and interactive resources and tools, like the My Cramaro app available on iOS and Android and the tarpaulin serial number registration system.

Marketing area: the product becomes experience.

Behind the Cramaro brand there is more than just a product, there is a story. A story made up of studies, comparisons and solutions. A story that begins with collaboration with the customer and that continues with the customer every day. Because we give the product a form and a mission, but it lives and improves with the customer. We listen to your needs and work together on product development. We value your feedback and your experience. The key words for mutual growth are exchange and interaction. Our marketing team strives every day to be part with you of the same community, the Cramaro Crew.

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