Flip-Tarp in agriculture, from chopping to transport. One-on-one with Denis.

Flip-Tarp in agriculture, from chopping to transport. One-on-one with Denis.

We arrive near Grado, in Friuli, on a warm spring day; surrounded by the green and gold of the sunlit countryside where we meet Denis Pontarini of the Pontarini company in Remanzacco (Udine). He specializes in the road transport of agricultural products such as cereals, silage, manure and, as on this occasion, miscanthus, a plant used for biomass production.

Denis tells us enthusiastically about his work and daily routine in which his trailers travel hundreds of kilometers loading and unloading material more than 10 times a day. Today we are watching them lined up at work and involved in the miscanthus chopping phase; all equipped with tarpaulins, exclusively Cramaro.

Denis chose Flip-Tarp mainly to ensure the safe covering and uncovering operations of trailers. Completely automatic and remotely controlled, Flip-Tarp allows operations to be carried out in maximum safety from the ground, without requiring the operator to climb onto the trailer to unroll the tarpaulin or tension ropes and elastic ties.

Easy to install and use, Flip-Tarp is a reliable and irreplaceable companion, guaranteed to be effective and robust even with intensive use. In six years, Denis confesses, he has never had to contact Cramaro assistance.

With the trailer now fully loaded we follow Denis to our destination, to witness unloading the miscanthus. Along the 50 km road journey, Flip-Tarp protects and secures the load with the practical PVC net which rests on the material being transported without adhering to it.

“Simple and effective, impossible to be without,” Denis confides.

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