Windlock: the evolution of the rear closure

Windlock: the evolution of the rear closure

Efficiency, versatility, safety. We place innovation at the service of your business.

At Cramaro, every innovation is designed with a view to efficiency and safety. The Windlock auto-back system is the latest evolution of the automatic rear closure, developed to guarantee maximum installation versatility and the safe use of the tarpaulin system.

The new, patented, double pin system ensures optimum seal and stability of the autoback during transport, eliminating possible oscillations. Furthermore, the automatic technology streamlines and speeds up tarpaulin opening and closing operations.

Simple and practical, Windlock is a true ally in the field. It simplifies your everyday work and maximises the efficiency of your tipper.


  • PATENTED SYSTEM - The new patented double pin system guarantees that the rear part of the tarpaulin is completely locked, even in the event of strong wind.
  • ZERO INTERFERENCE - The system is operated entirely externally, thus eliminating possible interference by the tipper configuration or the load.
  • VERSATILITY AND MAXIMUM SIMPLICITY - The system does not require adjustments during installation or maintenance.
  • STABILITY GUARANTEE - Sturdy and resistant, the auto-back system remains firmly closed on the container without the use of ropes or elastic ties and does not oscillate during transport.

Would you like to know more about Windlock?

Contact your sales agent for more information and to check whether the Windlock autoback is compatible with your tipper model.