The tarpaulin system with no front space requirements.

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Galoppino is the only tarpaulin system on the market with no front space requirements, ideal for two-way, three-way or rear tippers with limited space between the driver's cab and the body.
The slim structure and compact design ensure maximum ease and speed of installation, as well as high versatility and ease of use in loading and unloading operations.

Main features

Versatile technology

Efficient and versatile, Galoppino features an innovative patented technology with operating system integrated in the last bow of the tarpaulin for higher ease of installation. The absence of mechanical components in the front part makes the cover system suitable for mounting even on vehicles where the space between the driver's cab and the body is minimal, either due to the vehicle shape or because of the presence of a crane.
Moreover, this technology utilises a single-cable system that guarantees maximum efficiency in loading and unloading operations. Located above the body profile, the cable does not interfere with opening and closing the side boards.

Safety and speed of use

Maximum load security

Customised system




Handling from the ground and side board opening without the use of tools



No front space requirements



Easy to install and use



Easy maintenance



Opening and closing in less than 30 seconds; cable release and re-attachment in less than 30 seconds

Technical info

Operation mode

Electrical (24 V)

Control accessories

Remote control and MyCramaro App


PVC, fire-retardant PVC, PVC mesh, technical fabric for asphalt, thermo-insulating fabric

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